Arthur C. Clarke Demonstrates His Futuristic Foresight in Found Footage

The AT&T YouTube Tech Channel recently posted a video interview with Arthur C. Clarke who as well as being a scientist and science fiction author was also a remarkably accurate futurist.  Clarke was interviewed at a 1976 conference on futurism and technology held by AT&T and MIT.  He had a strong reputation as a futurist having conceived of the geostationary communication satellite over 30 years previous – 1945.

The video reveals just how accurate Clarke could be with his predictions.  Significantly, he describes how we will share information including data, voice, photos and books using a high definition monitor and a keyboard (PC).  He clearly understands that the breakthrough is about transmitting data rather than things and that it would be global in nature.

Towards the end of the interview he focuses in on phones being mobile and how significant this would be to society.  Lightheartedly he even predicts how we could get into to trouble for not answering our mobile phone.